Jump Jump Boom!

Jump Jump Boom started off as a class project where I was required to use a game engine called GameSalad. I had so much fun playing it though that I continued development after graduation and in the process learned some very valuable lessons about iteration, art-direction, level design, and the importance of getting play-testers with fresh perspectives early and often.

In the end, some of the rules and the introductory levels were too un-intuitive for too many players. If I were ever able to revisit this project, I would likely redesign lots of it with that in mind.

This game was available on the iOS App Store for a time, but I was unable to continue supporting it. Below I’ve included a description of some of the rules of the game as well as another video from when it was still a class assignment.

How To Play:
Destroy Everything……….(85%)
Get into the Pipe-Thing…(15%)
Total………………………(100%) .duh
75% is a passing score

-leaps towards wherever you tap on the screen
-leaps further if you tap further away
-grabs onto either solid ground or shrapnel (but not bombs or cannonballs)
-invincible to everything except falling out of bounds

Tap-bombs    – detonate when you tap on them on the screen.
Bump-bombs – detonate when anything in the game touches them.
Trip-bombs    – detonate one second after their trip wire is crossed by the player or a cannonball

NOTE: In this video, I am playing using my macbook’s trackpad (therefore, I am terrible)
ALSO: The screen recording software was causing GameSalad to chug a bit more than usual.