A Few of My Favorite Things.

Jump Jump Boom
Here’s a link to a game I designed and developed and put on the App Store FOR FREE with the help of an artist friend and a music friend. People seem to like it. Some new art is coming soon. You can learn more about it here. Also, here it is now for ANDROID!

Also, here’s a link to a neat plugin I have for sale on the Unity Asset Store. It lets people connect Wii remotes to their projects through their Mac OSX bluetooth. Click here for more info.

Or if you’d rather just see my best work, I suggest you make your way to the page titled, 
Ultra. It’s a Unity prototype for a 3rd person action game meant to utilize Wii controls better than what I’ve seen in existing games.

Also, here’s a demo reel that includes some of my older student projects.

And here’s my Résumé!

About Me.

poly count unknown

My head is made of triangles

Hello. My name is Greg. When I was about eight years old, I decided that I wanted to make video games for a living… and I haven’t really changed my mind since. I used to go to JMU, which didn’t really offer Game Design. I took courses that I deemed relevant, but after two years of that, I started to lose hope and managed to get transferred to George Mason University, where I became one of the first graduates from their Computer Game Design program.

I also graduated with a minor in Computer Science, as well as Art and Visual Technology. Currently, I’m a software development consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton. I do my best to be as good as I can at as many aspects of making video games as is possible. I like to make quick prototypes to demonstrate concepts and ideas. I’m alright. You can decide what I’m best at… I can’t do audio…