Note: Since writing this page, I have since allowed my Apple Developer’s License to expire. Therefore, Oblivio is no longer available on the App Store.

This is the first game that I ever developed. I taught myself how to program in Objective-C with very little programming experience beforehand. I learned what memory leaks were and how to find them. Most importantly, I learned that I didn’t yet have a very strong grasp on how to pace an experience or make it fun. I doubt I’ll ever revisit this project but ultimately I’m very grateful for the challenges and lessons it provided.

How To Play:
Basically, the game is like Simon except instead of pushing buttons, you have to mimic lines that are drawn on the screen. Each time you successfully do so, the sequence gets longer. The game is broken up into six levels of difficulty (similar to colored belt ranks of a martial art). In order to unlock the next level you must accumulate enough total points in your highest difficulty to fill up a graphic on the front page.