Make it Stop!

This one is pretty weird

How To Play:
-There are six players.
-Each player gets two keys on the same keyboard (turn left, turn right)
-When two players collide, they both explode
-When everyone is gone, the next round begins immediately
-After 11 rounds, whoever has the shortest total lifespan WINS!

NOTE: This video is of me playing a game meant for 6 people, by myself. That’s why everyone looks so aimless and I have to hurry things along.

If by now, you are so inclined as to actually download and play this madness, you can do so here.

My Contributions:
-core concept
-modeled and animated Wacky Wavy Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Men!
-decided the music should be divided between characters
-lots of flashing colors (I originally wanted them flashing much faster)
-contacted Ivan Christo, frontman for Pelicanesis, to do music

During the 2011 Global Game Jam, George Mason saw a much larger turnout. Whereas 2010 only had four groups present, 2011 saw at least three times as many. The theme was “extinction,” which certainly has its place in video games. I figured it’d be easy to make a game where extinction is the lose-condition. Instead I decided to make a game where extinction was the goal! Multiplayer became essential but there was no way we could program a networked game in two days. I found a programmer and I found an art guy and we hit the ground running.

Near the start of production, I called up the lead singer of a small band, called Pelicanesis (whom I had met at a show they did), and asked if he’d be interested in doing some music for the game. I told him about the game and some abstract ideas to put into the music and he got to it. I also asked him to give each song six layers, which we could attach to each character so that as the characters dwindle so does the music. The quality of the music and the speed with which it was delivered was amazing and really helped give the final product a nice feel.