Jump Jump Boom update! Huge Success!

I should have made a post for this when it first happened, but Jump Jump Boom is now updated and has blossomed into the pretty pretty princess I always knew it could be. The tutorial is much more accessible and the graphics look much more polished. Also, there have been many minor tweaks here and there. Also it is now available on the Google Play shop for Android games. So if you haven’t already, please download it and give it a good review.

Download for:
Apple iOS


…and once again progress has stalled.

So a few of you have been emailing me and asking for updates on WiiBuddy for Windows. It’s not that we’ve really hit a snag persay, but I haven’t had access to a Windows machine with bluetooth and Unity pro in months. 

All I can really do is apologize and hope that circumstances change for me soon. Some of you have asked for access to what we’ve just developed so far. I neither have the time nor the code nor the experience to make this a feasible way to proceed. Again, sorry.

I hope this isn’t completely impeding many of your projects. I have a lot going on in my career/life right now but I try not to forget about all of you and WiiBuddy.

Goodluck. I’ll get back to this and let you all know as soon as I can.

Jump Jump Boom now available!


BUY IT NOW!I like this game. I had fun making it and throughout the endless hours I spent playtesting it, I never really got sick of it. It started a bit over two years ago when I made the first version of this for a class assignment that required us to use GameSalad. Back then, I called the game Shrapman and it got me an A. After that, I started working on what would become Ultra. It wasn’t until I finished WiiBuddy that I really focused back on this game.

I strongly considered starting over in Unity3d, but I decided instead to simply see what I had through to the finish. Besides, a lot of the games “magic” would no doubt be lost, had I attempted to start over.

Perhaps I will remake it some day in Unity and/or port it to more platforms. In the mean time though, I’m still trying to figure out how to promote this one and get people to buy it!… YOU!! …BUY IT!

The Life Freelance

So I suppose at this point, I am officially a freelance game developer. My first client had me make this here prototype for an unannounced game of some sort.

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/66361968]

On top of that, my new client has me developing a motorcycle racing game for mobile platforms in Unity. It’s exciting, but I’m still getting used to the dangers of working remotely. I don’t have anything to show of this game, although I imagine I will as it comes closer to fruition.

On top of all this, I’ve been making large strides towards getting my own explosive action puzzler to the App Store. I’ve been getting a bunch of my friends to playtest it now that I’ve made several tweaks to the user experience and they actually seem to enjoy it and want to keep playing (such was not always the case). What exciting times these are.

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/66360749]



Early Attempts at Controller Design

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/54744787]

After completing my senior project, I decided that the Wii’s nunchuck design was not very well suited for a game that required you to quickly alternate between the C and Z button, as well as hold them both at the same time. My efforts towards creating a redesign of the controller are still infantile (especially since my partner in the project is occupied by her classes), but this video shows where we’re at. Hopefully, I’ll be able to take this far enough to give it its own project page in my portfolio.

WiiBuddy is here!

After a few months of rounding up and implementing everything I could find about connecting to Wii® controllers via bluetooth, I’ve successfully created a neat little scripting asset, which is now available on the Unity Asset Store. It’s called WiiBuddy and it simply lets you connect controllers to your Unity projects and use their input however you want. I show off the wide range of devices its compatible with, in this video.

I’ll create a project page for this shortly, but if you’re a Unity developer and would like to play around with Wii controls without have to spend mad cash of a dev-kit, then this thing I’ve made is probably the easiest way for you to do that.