Exciting Times, These Are

So first things first, a while ago I updated my iphone game Oblivio to make it much simpler and hopefully more fun for actual humans. This seems to be irrelevant however, seeing as how I only get about 3 downloads of the FREE version each day. I did sell 1 full version on Christmas eve. So there’s that. I’m considering removing the free version from the app store and seeing if that will result in more impulse buys of the full version.

New Project : Ultra

More importantly, I’ve added a new project tab to this here portfolio site. It’s a very long term project, which I’ve decided to codename “Ultra.” This name is reminiscent of the original name for the N64, which to me was a peak of my video gaming childhood. It’s also the name of one of the most adrenaline pumping songs KMFDM has ever produced and that’s a sense of rapid action that I intend for this control scheme to be capable of. Also it’s a short word. So hopefully I won’t get tired of saying it for a long time.

So this is a very exciting project and hopefully, I’ll have it under control enough once the semester starts, when I’ll be turning this into my senior project and having a few very talented classmates working with me.

So hopefully, this will result in me actually creating a finished product that demonstrates some of my more complex ideas, and hopefully leads to me getting an actual job with a company congruent with those ideas.


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