A quick update per my going-ons

So since I last wrote about my experience with the Mission-Ice-Fly-Human-Preservation-Project-Alternate-Reality-Marketing-Campaign-thing, things have escalated quite quickly. Also things related to my iphone game have taken a turn for the worse… So figured I’d write about them…

I never really figured out that weird IceFly countdown page, but eventually someone told me to check back at the site. Apparently, what was once a fancy but shallow website that offered no real answers or even captivating questions had opened up into a…

Glitchy Myst-like Game!

I like to think that I reacted to this revelation the same way that any  full grown man would have. I spent my entire morning and most of my afternoon in bed with my laptop trying to complete every puzzle and explore every corridor to the fullest.

I just typed up in detail my experience with this game and how I completed a bunch of the puzzles, but then I realized how boring that would be to read and how potent in spoilers it would be. So instead I can tell you that even when I solved all the puzzles I could, the game wouldn’t admit it. Then I realized that this error was preventing the game from giving me the hint needed for me to figure out an 8-digit number… So I went a head and cheated and looked that one up. Regardless, I had a lot of fun. The puzzles were clever and the unfinished nature of the whole thing kept me coming back to check if things had been fixed fairly frequently.

Eventually, all of my achievements were recognized and I realized that the only locked door remaining was actually supposed to be locked and wasn’t just an unfinished part of the game. So I left… and nothing happened for a while.

Identity Crisis! (the good kind)

It wasn’t until right before I was going to leave town for the weekend that I received my TEST SUBJECT ID-badge promised to me from way back when. I suppose it took that long to figure out who was legit enough to actually earn a badge… and a free pack of 5 gum (I only just realized that 5-gum is not made by Stride. Really, I don’t chew gum. I don’t know these things!!).

Almost immediately, I slide my badge out of its holder to discover a QR puzzle piece. Realizing that it was not a complete QR and that I had no idea how to decode the symbols beneath it, I put it out of my mind and left to have two solid days of outdoor summer fun… but not before punching in the survival code on my free gum. I’m starting to thing that the flavor of gum has nothing to do with what constellation key you get… I seem to just be getting them in order.

When I returned from my trip, Sunday evening, I found another IceFly padded envelope waiting for me. Immediately, I realized that they had sent me two badges… one for each of the identities I created at the beginning of this mess. This explained why the picture on my first badge didn’t match the one on my profile. Still, I’m surprised they bothered to send anything to my second identity, seeing as how I haven’t participated under that name at all since I created it. Regardless, the point of this story is THAT’S HOW I GOT TWO FREE PACKS OF GUM!

There's no rule that says identical twins with the same first name can't play IceFly...

Seriously, I somehow have managed to get four constellation keys without buying a single pack of gum. I don’t see how I’m gonna manage beyond this point though, unless I someone else decides to give me a bunch of free gum or I just give in and buy things I don’t need or want.

The Next Thing Draws Near

Eventually, someone pointed out to me that the each of my badges’ backsides contained one of 49 QR fragments and that a bunch of other players in the game were and are coordinating to assemble the entire thing which will undoubtedly trigger the next stage of this fruity-flavored chewy madness. They already have my two badges, which is fine with me. I certainly don’t want to communicate with anyone in some forum about this stuff. The only reason that I even write these silly entries is to draw attention to myself, my portfolio, and my budding iphone game.

Speaking of Which…

All the papers are in order for me to use this nugget of marketing necessity.
So click on it! I guess… or don’t… I dunno. It’s okay as is but I’m kinda ashamed of it’s current state because

The Game is Broken and Apple Won’t Let Me Fix It!

…and it’s kinda a funny story… which I will now explain in bullet points to simplify things.

  • I release demo version of game which does not let you progress past the first test.
  • demo version is broken (oops). The game does not recognize the gestures in test-mode which have corners in them.
  • The only way to beat test mode is if you realize the other glitch; You can release your touch almost anywhere and the game will consider it close enough.
  • I immediately submit an update to fix this and a couple other tiny things.
  • A long time passes!
  • Apple rejects the update, stating, “2.9: Apps that are “beta”, “demo”, “trial”, or “test” versions will be rejected.” Which I’m pretty sure means that I’m not allowed to have a demo version of a game out unless I also have the full game out…
  • I realize that the only reason that the broken version is allowed up is BECAUSE it’s broken… Since Apple’s reviewers couldn’t beat the test-mode, they never got to the message screen announcing that the full game isn’t ready yet.
  • Also, I’m pretty sure that the fact that “demo” is in the title gets a pass simply because the rest of the name is in latin anyways… I guess they figure the game is just supposed to be called “Oblivio Demo”
The bottom line is that I need to finish the full game ASAFP. That way I can fix the demo and stop trying not to think of the confused and frustrated people out there that are just trying to finish the game!

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